My Personal Philosophy

I personally believe that if everyone on this planet would practice yoga for only one hour per week, we would see a shift in consciousness.  It is indeed a small start but one that would have great impact for human kind.

As a former once per week practitioner, I witnessed my evolution of becoming gentler and softer from only one hour of yoga per week.  In my transition from a once per week yogi to a daily practitioner, I have personally seen a shift in my own consciousness towards a more "awakened" state.  My practice has helped me in cultivating grace, compassion, and love for self and others.

Yoga is a life long study of self.  I am both a student and a teacher of yoga, always learning and ever evolving. My hope is to be of service to others by sharing my love of yoga with the world.

Blessings and Jai Bhagwan!


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