Amber is the yoga instructor every student should be fortunate enough to have guiding their yoga practice. Lucky for me, I’ve had the privilege of benefiting from her encouraging and supportive style. Amber’s individualized approach and commitment to each student as they deepen and develop their personal yoga practice is unparalleled. Her extensive knowledge of the body from her intensive yoga studies is evident in every posture and flow. Amber’s intuitive nature is indisputable as she helps each student engage completely in the breath and body connection. Every student of yoga would benefit tremendously from Amber’s teaching and guidance.  ~Roslyn B.


I look forward to Amber’s yoga class every week. She is very considerate of her students and caters to their needs and how they are feeling on that particular day. She explains everything clearly and looks for feedback throughout the class. I always leave her class refreshed and ready for my day!  ~Nancy D.


Amber is an excellent yoga instructor.  Never having done yoga before and having significant back injuries, I was skeptical of the potential benefits.  Amber is extremely thorough in her calls while teaching breathing and explaining the movements. She provides accommodations or adjustments as needed for each participant’s ability. She is encouraging and helpful to each individual in the class and has made yoga a challenging and very rewarding experience.  ~Mike U.


Amber has the unique ability to teach as though you are the only one in the class. She is very concerned about your mental well being as well as your physical fitness. She has taught me that my body can go farther than I thought it could and that it is OK to laugh at myself when my body doesn’t want to cooperate. Amber is highly trained and every class is different – never the same routine. She has taken the time to get to know me as a person, is aware of my medical issues and is able to provide modifications when needed. I am grateful that I have Amber to help usher me into a new healthy season of my life.  ~Lynn U.